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From: The Office Bedroom of Tasleem Khan

Re: Your Financial Freedom

I know it sounds bold or even crazy BUT making this sort of income, just “working” 1 – 2 hours a day in a very short period of time from your bedroom, online is VERY POSSIBLE.

Imagine for a minute what your life would be like if you didn’t have to get up and go to work in the morning.

  • No alarm clock forcing you to get up early in the morning…
  • No commute to and from work…
  • No office politics…
  • No feeling of dread . . .

. . . in the pit of your stomach on a Sunday evening because you know the weekend is over and you have to go back to a job you really hate in just a few short hours…

. . Just picture yourself crawling out of bed at 11:30am, rubbing your eyes still in your pajamas, stretching for your phone, checking in your PayPal account and seeing $200+ added to your bank balance overnight, every, single, morning?

This is what you can see every morning, if you give me a few minutes of your time.

Being able to earn an online passive income, is NOT just about the money, it’s about FREEDOM, and the things it can buy you, what no 9 – 5 can . . .

The freedom to . . .

  • Work wherever you want, when you want to
  • Do the things you want to do, like travel or hobbies
  • Spend More time with your friends and family
  • Live life on your terms!

Sounds great!!

But I know you’ve probably heard it all before, right?

The promises of wealth, freedom and fast cars. The countless promises of showing you the secrets to online success, and infinite wealth when you buy their course or software that will push thousands of dollars in your bank account within 23 minutes from now . . .

LOL! Yeah, right!!

Let me, let you in on a little secret . . .

There is no push button software or pixey dust that you can push or sprinkle over your laptop that will make you thousands of dollars, instantly . . .

Earning an online passive income is a PROCESS

If you’re like most aspiring internet marketers, you’ve probably bought many courses or programs in the past that promised to show you the secret to success online.

bullying-679274_640Although there are some good programs and courses out there, most of them are incomplete or just plain don’t work.

Quite frankly, that’s sort of the point.

Many of the so-called “gurus” want you to keep buying course after course. That’s how they make their money.

In fact, the process to earning money online is actually over-complicated… in many cases, intentionally… to keep you confused and buying product after product, course after course.

BUT today, I'm going to completely eliminate it for you . . .

I'm going to show you step - by - step how to achieve your money goals easily, again and again

But before we carry on, let me introduce myself, my name’s Tasleem Khan, I’m just an ordinary woman from the UK

But there is one thing a little unusual about me...

I also happen to successfully making passive income for the past few years, by just working less than two hours a day.


Here are just some of the times that those awesome PayPal notifications have come in for me throughout the years....pile-of-american-100-dollar-bills-300x188

  • While shopping
  • While sleeping
  • On vacation at the beach
  • On a road trips
  • At parties

These are just some of the coolest ways I've made passive income over the years. Yes passive income happens and yes it's real, AND this can happen for YOU AS WELL!!

But it wasn't always like this . . . 

Back in 2012, I was just where you are now, struggling, I had bought things that don’t work, been lied to desperately trying to learn how the ‘BIG GURUS’ where making money online.

I know exactly what you’re going through and know precisely how you feel as I’ve been there myself…

worried-girl-413690_640I was stuck in a 9 to 7 job, barely making ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck. Unable to go out with my family or friends for a meal, go on vacation or enjoy a day off because I didn’t have any money.

My family and friends thought I was a joke and would privately laugh at me every time I mentioned “making money online”. . .

Everyone thought I was crazy trying to make money online, and told me to give up for my own sanity and hoping I wouldn’t fall more into debt BUT I pressed on . . .

. . . And in 2014 I was able to finally crack the code and start to make money online.

It made me mad, I had wasted 2 years being bogged down in the push – button promises and quick rich products being promoted.

So I decided to put together an easy to follow step by step, no fluff, every stone turned course, to save you time, money and struggles I experienced to become successful online with product creation, in the shortest possible time.

Regardless if you’ve never created a product before . . .

After all...

Product Creation is One of the Fastest Paths to Earning Great Money and Making Customers Happy!



 Ugh, you really want a piece of that pie for yourself.

If you're intimated by product creation you don't have to be anymore.

No matter where you are in your online journey, there is no better time to create & launch an information product.

You just cannot afford to wait!

By not acting and creating a product, you're leaving a part of this fortune on the table for other people to get their sweaty hands on.

Introducing Product to Profits Exposed . .

A Tried & Proven System to make Cash on Demand . . .

Here is what you'll get WHEN you invest TODAY:

250A Detailed 85 page eBook

Containing 6 powerful modules, revealing the exact methods from A – Z  you'll need to building and launching products and building a real and sustainable online business, whatever the niche.

The methods outlined in Product To Profits Exposed has been tested and tweaked in my online business. I have perfected it, so you can produce the fastest ways to generate money.

Apply the tested and tweaked methods outlined in Product To Profits Exposed to your business to build a reliable, sustainable passive income online.


Checklists, Worksheets and Templates

Check lists, worksheets and Templates to guide your efforts have been provided to ensure that you are able to keep track of your progress. You will not skip a step and leave money on the table when you take the time to print these and complete each one!


This resource guide saves you time and money by instantly knowing where to go and what tools to use to get your business up and running in no time at all.

250Audio Book


For your convenience, I have produced 18 MP3 audio files so that you can download them to your computer, iPhone, iPod, Android device or any other MP3 player. So you can discover Product creation and launching on the go.

You'll Discover . . .

  • How to get started today even if you don’t have a product of your own
  • The 3 Ps you need to know BEFORE you get started, so you can run a smooth successful online business
  • The simple method for creating your very own product within hours
  • Setting up the sales funnel the right way, so you can make more money
  • The easy method for recruiting top Joint Venture Partners even if you’ve never sold anything online before and have zero reputation.
  • How to maximize your promotion, to get the most sales
  • The FREEDOM from jumping from one “shiny object” to the next because this system is proven to work if you follow the steps…
  • And MUCH, MUCH MORE . . .

This is a Real Turn Key Business!

The beauty of this method it’s scalable, meaning skies the limit in terms of earning potential

  • You don’t need any online experience
  • You don’t need any techy skills
  • You Don’t Need An Existing List
  • You don't even need to spend any ad money

Attain The Results You So Desperately Desire Starting Now!

You Can Do This...

Look What Others are Saying . . .

John Thornhill

Congrats on a job well done!

Your eBook covers some of the best practices
I know of for making regular income from
Product creation and Product launching

I do like the fact that you cover everything
that people should be doing in detail
instructions & screen shots.

I will be happy to recommend Product To
Profits Exposed to anyone who is looking
for simple ways to build a REAL online
business and add more net income to
their online adventures simply and quickly.

John Thornhill JohnThornhill.com
Randy & Simon

Thanks for allowing us to review
Product To Profits Exposed.

We’re impressed with all the detailed
description AND screen shots!

We, and our subscribers, tend to like products
that give real value and unveil the REAL details
we need to know about building a REAL business
online, that most people don’t cover!

You truly do have a ‘Step by Step’ guide that
makes it a lot easier for anyone to fully
understand everything they can do, and
how to implement it all.

We look forward to recommending
Product To Profits Exposed to all
our subscribers 🙂

Randy & Simon mediakettle.com
Jeremiah Villagomez

Glad to review this new product of Tasleem.

She made a great step by step process from getting
ideas, creation of the product and launching it.

If you need quick step by step guide.
This will be your quick solution

Jeremiah Villagomez
Mialei J. Iske


If I had only known THEN what your course reveals!

Future product creators will praise you for making the product creation process understandable. In recent months, we have seen many products that would have been improved with your course!

Even product buyers will benefit from your course because we can discover what to look for when evaluating products to purchase. In such a competitive marketplace, only the absolute best products should catch our attention because they actually deliver.

Your entire course answers questions that have kept people from attempting product creation up until now!

With so much insight, product creation can become a truly imaginative exercise where the possibilities are endless!

I am looking forward to promoting Product to Profits Exposed!

Nicely done!

Mialei J. Iske RhapsodyInProse.com

Let me be Straight with You . . .

Product creation, isn’t very hard, honestly it’s not. . . and it’s not a thing of the past. It’s very real, it’s very today, no matter what any so-called “gurus” have said. More and more people are constantly making money with Products every single day. And there is no slowing down. More so now, than never before, and you have the opportunity to do the same. …….. BUT (and that's a huge BUT by the way!)... ONLY IF you have the right methods and techniques to use, otherwise you will end up becoming really frustrated, giving up and making NO money.

Let me help you set up your own online business THIS WEEK

This is a complete step by step home study course that will guide you through the whole process of generating sales online and more. You're going to get checklists, worksheets, powerful training and much, much more!

To make Product creation and launching work for you, you need the right methods and techniques that help you stay ahead of the game. This course will help save you time and money. I’ve spent a lot of money and countless sleepless nights perfecting what I teach in this course so you can benefit from it with ease.

Product To Profits Exposed is a complete training program that is absolutely packed full of value… and will fast track your route to online success in no time.

We’re NOT talking about an eBook containing out dated, second hand information filled with fluff. This is a step by step course that is jam packed full of brand new information AND Screen Shots that will help you start making money today.

Get everything you need to get started to your financial independence.

youth-570881_640There are many solutions out there but none that can deliver the results that the Product To Profits Exposed can!

Considering that there are other solutions that can cost you hundreds of dollars and there are no guarantees, you may be expecting to pay $197 or $97 for such an AMAZING system…

…That will put your PayPal into overdrive!

But with today’s economy even the most reasonable price can be out of reach for most trying to break into an online business.

I know how frustrating it is to keep trying to build a profitable online business and when you don’t see the money coming in, it is tough.

beautiful-15728_640Follow my system and I'm certain you can easily show a 5 figure profit this coming year, working less than two hours a day, as you'll avoid all the mistakes, dead ends and time-wasters that I had to deal with. As you invest more time you could reach your income goals faster than all those things you've tried and failed at. This step by step course has been designed for a friend to follow my footsteps, and they do say a stranger is just a friend you've not met yet.

But I don't wish to be another one of those people who make big promises just to lure people in.

I don't need to lower myself to that level, because this is a real business. It works. I do it every day and I love it. I'm willing to put my time and energy into helping you do the same. Obviously, this comes at a price.

For this entire package - my whole business handed to you on a plate - and my mentoring, I can easily charge $197, or even $297, for this. But I truly want you to succeed online, so I’m not going to charge $97 even though it could easily sell at this price and still be valuable to you, I am not going to charge $47 or even $27.

By Now you're probably wondering how much you'll be investing to get hold of the 85 Page powerful eBook, its audio recordings, worksheets, checklist and Resources.

Here's the good news... For a very limited period You can get access to everything for just $9.95

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Product To Profits Exposed

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